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– Professeure / Groupe 5
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Compétences : Synthèse de nanomatériaux, métaux / Réactivité en phase condensée / Interaction rayonnement-matière / Propriétés optiques de nano-objets

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Education and scientific position

Full Professor of chemistry at the University of Bordeaux
Visiting scientist in Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
Assistant Professor in chemistry, University of Bordeaux, posting to the CNRS Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux
Postdoctoral fellowship, Radiation Laboratory – University of Notre Dame (USA) – group of D.Meisel
Doctoral degree in Physical-Chemistry with a thesis on inorganic nanocrystal synthesis for silver photography, University of South Paris (Orsay), with distinction and awarded 1st Prize by the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris – group of J.Belloni


Research activities

Keywords : Advanced synthesis of nanomaterials, colloidal chemistry, hybrid nano-objects, plasmonics, heterogeneous catalysis, advanced materials

In our research group, the “Chemistry of Nanomaterials”, we develop generalized strategies for the synthesis of new nanomaterials with controlled size, shape and composition. The nano-objects can consist of either a small (less than 10 atoms) or a large number of atoms (hundred of atoms). We want to understand
– How does a nano-sized crystal grow in solution ?
– What shapes can be formed ?
– What properties do they have and why are they size-dependent ?
– How can we engineer hybrid nanostructures (metal-metal, metal-dielectric, metal-semiconductor) ?
– How can we control the location of one component in relationship to other component(s) in the nano-object ?
– How can nanocrystals be used as building blocks to engineer novel materials ?

Nano-object synthesis. We develop robust chemical approaches in aqueous or organic media to prepare a wide variety of inorganic crystals with nanoscale dimensions. Our efforts are directed toward inorganic materials : metals, dielectrics and semiconductors.



Control of nanoparticle morphology. We are interested in controlling the inorganic nanoparticle morphology and in studying how their composition and structure contribute to their physical properties (catalytic, optical, electronic, acoustic and thermal properties). How do their properties evolve with decreasing size ?


Engineering nano-objects with hetero-structures. Hybrid nanosystems combining material components of different natures in the same nanoparticle offer a wide range of new and largely unexplored possibilities. A proper design of a hybrid nanoparticle permits control over the interaction between a material’s components to combine different confinement-induced properties, create new properties or introduces new functionality. We are using the concept of regio-selective surface functionalization, referred to as patchy particles, to control the final location of one component in relation to others. By using these concepts, metal-semiconductor dimers, metal-metal trimers or metallic tetrapods, hexapods and dodecapods have been synthesized in high yield. Such architectures reveal novel plasmonic effects with significant impact in the fields of nanooptics and nanophotonics.


National Collaborations
Prof. S.Ravaine, Dr A.Baron, Dr P.Richetti, Dr P.Barois and Dr V.Ponsinet (CRPP, Bordeaux)
Dr S.Bonhommeau, D.Talaga, Prof. L.Servant, Prof. T.Toupance (ISM, Bordeaux)
Dr J.Leng, JB Salmon (LOF, Bordeaux)
Dr J.Burgin, Dr P.Langot (LOMA, Bordeaux)
Dr C.Brochon, Prof. G. Hadziioannou (LCPO, Bordeaux)
Dr F.Vallée, A.Crut, Prof. N.Del Fatti (ILM, Lyon)
Prof. N.Felidj, J.Aubard (ITODYS, Paris)
Prof. D.Bellet (INPG, Grenoble)
Prof. O.Ersen (IPCMS, Strasbourg)
Prof.P.Torchio (Marseille)

International Collaborations
Dr I.Golthorpe (U.Waterloo, Canada)
Prof. X.Lu (NUS, Singapour)
Prof. C.Simovski (Aalto University, Finlande)
Prof. S. Grigorenko (Bristol University, England)
Prof. R.Alvarez-Puebla (U. of Tarragone, Spain)
Prof. M.Correa-Duerte (U. of Vigo, Spain)
Prof. V. N. Manoharan (Physics Dpt, Univ. Harvard, USA)


Primary teaching area

At Bordeaux University, (Chemistry Dpt) :

  • BSc degree / semester S1 : « General Chemistry » (Courses and practical tutorials)
  • BSc degree / semester S2 : « Inorganic material » (Courses and practical tutorials)
  • MSc degree of chemistry / semester S9 : « chemistry and physics of inorganic nanomaterials : basic concepts » (Courses in English)
  • MSc degree of biology / semester S9 : « nanoparticles for biomedical applications » (Courses)

At the Graduate School of Chemistry Biology and Physics of Bordeaux :

  • Year #3 : « Chemical route for elaboration of Nanomaterials » (Courses and practical tutorials)

In charge of the master of chemistry


Relevant publications

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