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Architectured Oxides and Electro-Ceramics for Energy and Electronics

Exploring functional energy and electronic materials - Targeted control of (micro)structures, interfaces, and defects - Understanding properties by characterization and modeling

Energy : Materials and Batteries

The research activity of the “Energy: Materials and Batteries” group is focused on the synthesis and characterization of materials (new materials, models or materials close to applications) and on the analysis of the mechanisms occurring during the operation of devices for electrochemical energy storage (batteries, microbatteries, supercapacitors ...). This involves developing new high-performance materials or improving the performances or properties of existing materials by adjusting their composition and / or structure.

Chemistry and Photonic of Oxide and Fluoride Materials

The activity of the "Chemistry and Photonics of Oxides and Fluorides" group is based on the design, development or multi-scale structuring and shaping of original materials dedicated to optics and photonics.

Metallurgy and Functional Materials

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Chemistry of Nanomaterials

The common denominator of our groups' activities is mastering nanoscale structuration, be it via solid state chemistry, solution-state inorganic synthesis, molecular species surface grafting or organic polymerization in suspension.

Switchable Molecules and Materials

Our research themes concern both multifunctional materials (photo-, piezo, thermo-commutation) as well as materials science (optimization of properties by shaping) as well as nanosciences (data processing, sensors)

Supercritical Fluids