Chemistry of Nanomaterials

The common denominator of our groups' activities is mastering nanoscale structuration, be it via solid state chemistry, solution-state inorganic synthesis, molecular species surface grafting or organic polymerization in suspension.

Scientific animator : Mona Tréguer-Delapierre (Professeure – Université de Bordeaux)


Permanent staff : 4 CNRS Researcher, 3 Acadmics researcher (Université/Bordeaux INP), 2 technical staff (IT/BIATSS)


PhD student, Post.-Doc., ATER Staff … – (use directory group)


Scientific activities

The scientific activities of our team revolve around mastering nanoscale structural synthesis and design for targeted applications. To do this, we rely on chemistry skills, combining solid state chemistry, sol-gel synthesis, coordination chemistry, molecular grafting and organic polymerization in dispersion. We devote particular efforts focused on the surface control, interfaces and morphologies.

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