Bernhard Zeimetz (PhD, Dipl. Phys.)

Bernhard Zeimetz's web page

Research Engineer CNRS

European Project Manager ICMCB and DR15


  • Communication Manager for European Multifunctional Materials Institute EMMI (
  • Webmaster and member of Coordination team for ERASMUS MUNDUS Doctoral School IDS-FunMat (
  • development of websites and online databases (HTML, PHP, MySQL, Joomla)
  • development of software for data analysis in impedance spectroscopy

Previous Research on Ceramic High-Tc Superconductors :

  • processing (ceramics, films, metal forming)
  • characterisation (electromagnetic, microstructural, chemical)
  • computer simulation (finite elements, linear/nonlinear optimisation, finite difference)
  • software design with C++, Matlab, Delphi, LabVIEW
  • design and testing of fault current limiters and current leads

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