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Personnel Université de Bordeaux
Ingénieure de Recherche / animateur scientifique du Service « Hautes Pressions »
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Compétences : Synthèse sous Pression en milieu Gaz, Liquide, Solide / Conception de dispositifs sous Hautes Pressions (HP) / Chimie des Matériaux-HP / Science des Matériaux-HP / Biosciences (Agroalimentaire – Pharmacie)-HP / Cristallogenèse hydro(solvo)thermale / Frittage / Densification – Assemblage sous courant pulsée (SPS, FAST, PECS, ECAS) / Compaction isostatique (CIP)

Education and scientific position

1991 – till date : Research Engineer – University of Bordeaux
2015 : Chevalier des Palmes Académiques – University of Bordeaux
2009 : Accreditation to supervise research (HDR) – University of Bordeaux : “On the contribution of High Pressures in Materials Chemistry, Materials Science and Biosciences”
1990 : PhD in Materials Science – University of Bordeaux : “Elaboration, Characterization and Modelling of Magneto-dielectrics Composites Ceramics”
1989 : Diploma of Scientific & Technical DEUST – CNAM Bordeaux : “Scientific Computing”


Research activities

Processing : Material Synthesis under High Pressure in Solid, Liquid and Gas phase – Design of devices under High Pressure – Effect of High Pressure processing on [Materials Chemistry, Materials Science, Biosciences] – Hydro/Solvothermal processes [Crystal growth (HCG), Powder synthesis (HPS), Sintering (HS)] – Densification [Cold Isostatic Pressure (CIP), Freeze Isostatic Pressure (FIP)] – Sintering [Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) at conventional pressure and at very high pressure (HP-SPS)]

Materials : Ceramic, Single crystals, nano/micro-crystallites, Biomaterials, Optical/transparent ceramics, Porous bioceramics, Ultra-hard/Super-hard composites


Scientific production and supervision

Publications : 104 articles in peer-reviewed international journals
International patents : 19
Book chapters : 8


Relevant publications

  1. Ndayishimiye A, Largeteau A, Prakasam M, Pechev S, Dourges MA., Goglio G. Low temperature hydrothermal sintering process for the quasi-complete densification of nanometric α-quartz. (2018) Scripta Materialia, 145, p. 118–121.
  2. Prakasam M., Locs J., Salma-Ancane K., Loca D., Largeteau A., Berzina-Cimdina L. Biodegradable materials and metallic implants – a review. (2017) Journal of Functional Biomaterials, 8(4), p. 44-59.
  3. Prakasam M., Weill F., Lebraud E., Viraphong O., Buffière S., Largeteau A. Densification of 8Y-tetragonal-stabilized zirconia optoceramics with improved optical properties by Y segregation. International. (2016) Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 13(5), p. 904-911.
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