Current Projects & Networks

Active projects and local/international partners - Team "Switchable Molecules and Materials"

Group lead projects


Induced Magentochiral Dichroism in Helical Nanocomposites dates: 2020/01 > 2024/05
Partners: ICMCB, CBMN (Bordeaux), IPCMS (Strasbourt), LNCMI (Grenoble) Funding source: ANR


Operando determination of spin-state populations in switchable spin-crossover single-molecule devices dates: 2020/09>2022/08
Partners: ICMCB, Josh Hihath, UC Davis USA
Funding sources: Thomas Jefferson Fund


Matériaux Commutables pour la Spintronique Moléculaire dates: 2020/03>2021/03 renouvelable
Partners: ICMCB, UMPhy CNRS/Thales
Funding source: CNRS MITI – Nouveaux Matériaux


Hybrid nanomaterials for controlled photothermal-switching dates: 2018/10>2021/12
Partners: ICMCB, LOMA (Bordeaux), IPCMS (Strasbourg) Funding source: ANR


Flow Chemistry for Room Temperature Switchable Particles dates: 2020/03>2022/10
Partners: ICMCB Funding source: ANR


Partner projects


Nouvelle Aquitaine, Cristallographie et Rayonnement Synchrotron dates: 2018> 2023
Partners:  ICMCB, SOLEIL, Université de Limoges, Université de Poitiers, Université Michel Montaigne, IPB, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS Funding source: Région Nouvelle Aquitaine – SOLEIL


Matériaux Moléculaires MagnetoElectriques dates: 2020>2024
Partners: ICMCB,ICGM Funding source: ANR


Synthèse et Physique de Nouveaux Supraconducteurs à base de Nickel dates: 2020>2023
Partners:  ICMCB, Institut Néel Funding source: CNRS MITI 80 prime