Team - "Metallurgy and Functional Materials"

Specific equipment available in the group:

  • Ovens which can run under different atmospheres (conventional and microwave)
  • Horizontal dilatometer horizontal (20°C à 1000°C)
  • Hot densification apparatus: control atmosphere and induction or microwave heating
  • Optical, numerical, and electronic (SEM, TEM) microscopes (EDS, EBSD, STEM)
  • Hot Disk apparatus for thermal conductivity measurement (20°C à 700°C)
  • Hot extrusion apparatus
  • High frequency furnace and arc furnace (melting up to 3400°C), selling of Ta tube Furnaces for hydrogenation (100 bars 600°C)
  • Glove box under ultra-pure argon
  • PCT apparatus (up to 70 bars and 500°C) + DSC under pressurized hydrogen (200 bars and 600°C)
  • Ball millers: planetary, vibratory 2D and 3D, cryo milling (-196°C). All equipment can run under controlled atmosphere (e.g. up to 10 bars of hydrogen) Serigraphy and Tape casting apparatus
  • Serigraphy and Tape casting apparatus
  • Hyperquenching/meltspinning