Team "Energy : Materials and Batteries"

Specific equipment available in the group:

  • Glove boxes for synthesis preparation, for battery construction, for recovery of materials after cycling and for preparation of samples for characterization (diffraction, microscopies and spectroscopies)
  • Doctor-blade device for film-electrode preparation
  • Button-cell assembling device
  • Battery cycling units (galvano- or potentiostatic (VMP) – 100 channels
X-Ray device : monitoring of aging of a a conductive additive for Ni-MH batteries / Suivi par diffraction des rayons X du vieillissement d’un additif conducteur pour électrode positive de batteries Ni-MH
  • Thermo-regulated cabinets for battery cycling
  • X-ray diffractometers (Inel CPS 120, Siemens D5000, PANalytical X’Pert Pro and PANalytical Empyrean) with Cu or Co rays with and without front monochromator, with variable temperature device (furnace for capillaries up to 400°C; alumina crucible furnace up to 1200°C) and with in-situ / operando cells for following exchange or electrochemical reactions in Li-ion, Na-ion or alkaline batteries)
  • Thermal measurements (TGA coupled to DTA and DSC)
  • DC and RF three-target cathodic « magnetron » sputtering unit opening in a controlled atmosphere glove box
  • DC and RF cathodic sputtering unit with two mobile targets for co-sputtering
  • DC and RF sputtering unit with a large (150 mm o.d.) target
  • Li evaporation unit
  • Complex impedance measurement setup (Solartron with temperature control system)
  • Mixing-grinding units
  • Liquid medium synthesis reactors (500ml and 2l) with temperature and pH control, and peristaltic pumps for injection of reactants