Current Projects & Networks

Active projects and local/international partners - Team "Architectured Oxides and Electro-Ceramics for Energy and Electronics"

Group lead projects


Designed Electrodes for implementing High Temperature Steam Electrolysers dates: 2019/01 > 2022/06
Partners: ICMCB, CEA, LEPMI, ARMINES-SPIN, SRT-Microcéramique Funding sources: ANR generic call 2018


Development of Electrolytes based on high entropy oxides dates: 2019/07 > 2020/06
Partners: IMRA-Europe, ICMCB Funding sources: IMRA-Europe


Development of a SOFC fuel cell based on gadolinium ceria and infiltrated electrodes for operation at 500 ° C dates: 2017/10 > 2020/09
Partners: ICMCB, IRCER Limoges
Funding sources: Nouvelle-Aquitaine region


Partner projects


HYDrothermal sIntering: a Low temperature process for the densIfication of Ceramics dates: 2018/12 > 2022/05
Partners: ICMCB, IRCER
Funding sources: ANR generic call 2017


Superresolution of multiscale images from materials sciences using geometrical features dates: 2019/03 > 2022/12
Partners: ICMCB, IMB, IMS, Techn. Univ. Kaiserslautern Funding sources: ANR generic call 2018


MUltiscale, Multimodal and Multidimensional imaging for EngineeRING dates: 2018/01 > 2021/12
Partners: DTU, Univ. Copenhagen, Univ. Antwerp, Accent Pro, CWI, PSI, BAM, ICMCB, Univ. Lund, Univ. Manchester, Chalmers Univ. Funding sources: ITN (Innovative Training Network) call MSCA-ITN-2017


PiezO ElecTrIc CompoSite fibers date: 2017/11 > 2021/12
Partners: CRPP, ICMCB Funding sources: ANR generic call 2017


Exploring oxygen diffusion mechanisms in Pr2NiO4+d  in situ, by neutron diffraction: interaction of structure and lattice dynamics. dates: 2019/12 > 2022/11
Partners: ICGM (Montpellier), ICMCB, RWTH (Aachen), IPC (Göttingen)
Funding sources: ANR-DFG call 2019


Intermetallic electrides: New promising materials for ammonia catalytic synthesis dates: 2019/12 > 2022/11
Partners: ICMCB, IC2MP Financement: ANR generic call 2019


The Integration and demonstration of Large Stationary Fuel Cell Systems for Distributed Generation dates: 2012/5 > 2020/9
Partners:  Ballard Power Systems, HDF (Hydrogène de France SAS), AQUIPAC SAS, JEMA Energy, ICMCB Funding sources: European Union  Horizon 2020. FP7-JTI Grant agreement


Scale-up of printed electronics recyclable smart materials dates: 2018/03 > 2020/12
Partners:  ARKEMA, Arjowiggins, CEA, Coatema, Fraunhofer, Luquet Duranton, University of Lisbonne, VTT, ICMCB Funding sources: KIC-European project


New Iron based superconductors without As or Se dates: 2018/12 > 2022/12
Partners: ULg University of Liege ; CRISMAT European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) / ID27 ;  West Virginia University ; Institut Néel – CNRS ; ICMCB
Funding sources: ANR generic call 2018


Magnetoelectric Molecular Materials dates: 2020/02 > 2024/01
Partners: IMRA, ICMCB
Funding source: ANR generic call 2019


Development of new conductive materials with high entropy oxygen ions dates: 2019/06 >
Partners: ICGM (Montpellier), ICMCB, RWTH (Aachen), IPC (Göttingen)
Funding source: Industrial contract