Synthesis and characterisation resources of the group - Team "Architectured Oxides and Electro-Ceramics for Energy and Electronics"

Synthesis and characterisation resources of the group

contacts: Sébastien Fourcade (pré / Laëtitia Étienne (pré


Screen printing



  • Electrochemical Characterization Center: measurements of symmetrical electrochemical cells under controlled humid and oxygen partial pressure atmospheres, complete electrochemical cell measurements, and measurement of electrochromic system.
  • Dielectric Characterization Center: permittivity measurements (Pyro, Piezo, Ferroelectric properties) as a function of several parameters (frequency, temperature, electric fields and magnetic), film / thin layers measurements (ceramics, single crystals)
  • Optical Characterization Center: Table Spectro visible, calorimeter.
  • Thermal characterization center: TGA and DSC
  • Shaping resources: pellet press, polisher, screen printing, tape casting and infiltration, bar-coater (1µm ⇒ 15µm).
  • High temperature furnaces: (<1800°C, possibility of controlled atmospheres).
  • Planetary powder mills, Mixers.
  • Servers for computing, visualization, and storage


Dielectric Characterization

Electrochemical Characterization