Functional materials

Research area "Funtional Materials"

Such materials will allow for significant technological developments. The high technology systems using these materials will be the key to new economic activities in most developed countries.

Our know-how in synthesis, shapig and physico-chemical characterization of materials will naturally lead to develop functional materials.
This worldwide recognized competence, established for many years now, will remain one of the major sectors of our rearch activity.

To the traditionally known functional materials such as:

    • Luminescence materials
    • Photorefractive materials
    • Magnetic materials
    • Electronic and ionic conduction
    • Electrochromes
    • Ferroelectrics
    • Structural materials

we add up more recently developed, or new, topics relating to materials:

    • Non linear optcis
    • Photochromes, thermochromes
    • Thermical conductors
    • Biomedical vectors
    • Medical imaging

as well as all the multifunctional materials which will be at the origin of new future applications.