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Groupe 6 - Molécules et matériaux commutables

Guionneau Philippe

[ - ] publié le 11 février 2014, mis à jour le

- Personnel Université de Bordeaux

- Professeur / - Référent scientifique du service "Diffraction des rayons X"

- E-mail / tél. : 05-40-00-25-79

- Compétences : Cristallographie / Physique et chimie de l’état solide / Rayons-X / Matériaux moléculaires

Education and scientific position

  • since 2017 : President of the French Crystallography association,
  • since 2015 : Full professor, first class (PR1), Univ. of Bordeaux, ICMCB
  • since 2014 : President of the Crystallography Association of Bordeaux,
  • 2011-2014 : Full professor, second class (PR2), Univ. Bordeaux 1, ICMCB
  • 2006 : Diplôma of "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches" (HdR), University Bordeaux 1
  • 1998-2010 : Assistant professor (MdC), University Bordeaux 1, ICMCB
  • 1997-1998 : Research assistant, Crystallography laboratory, University of Durham (UK)
  • 1996 : PhD in Physics and Chemistry of Condensed Matter, Crystal Physics lab., University Bordeaux 1. Supervision by D. Chasseau and J. Gaultier. "Structural and electronic properties of BEDT-TTF salts"
  • 1992-1994 : Part-time teacher in physics (Moniteur) at University of Bordeaux 1
  • 1991-1992 : Scientific instructor at the École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (French Military Academy)

Research activities

Keywords : Crystallography, X-rays, Solid-state, Phase transition, High-pressure, Low-temperature, Molecular crystals, Spin-crossover, Multi-functional materials

Main efforts are focused on the investigation of phase transitions and the relationships between structural and physical properties in solids with a preference, but not exclusively, for molecular materials. These studies fall within the field of expertise of crystallography and address the different scales of matter (sub-nanoscopic to macroscopic, including microstructures), distinct environments (temperature, pressure, light) and various types of samples (crystals, nanoparticles, powders, films, raw material). Beyond the fundamental questioning aiming at understanding the physical phenomena studied (mainly connected to magnetism, conductivity, optical features), the ambition is very clearly to guide towards obtaining materials having adequate properties for future applications. In course of the years, a special attention was paid to molecular superconductors, molecular magnets, spin-crossover phenomenon and organic-inorganic hybrid materials.

Scientific production and supervision

Author and co-author of 152 international publications, including 4 book chapters.
h-index : 38 ; 6423 citations ; average of 45 citations/article.

First author of more than 40 oral communications in conferences.
Author and co-author of > 100 posters in congress
Chair and co-chairs of 15 congress/colloquium

Supervision : PhD supervision of :

  • Wenbin Guo (on course, Univ. Bordeaux, Dr G. Chastanet) : About the design of high-temperature photo-induced spin transition materials, including nano-sized effects
  • Elodie Tailleur (on course, Univ. Bordeaux, Dr M. Marchivie) : About High-pressure, microstructures and room-temperature switches in spin-crossover materials
  • Asmaa Harmouzi (on course, Univ. Meknès, Prof. A. Belaaraj) : About organic-inorganic perovskites
  • Asma Ben Rached (PhD Univ. Sfax, March 2017, Prof. Z. Elaoud) : Synthèses, études structurales et propriétés physico-chimiques de nouveaux matériaux hybrides à base de benzylamine
  • Lucie Moulet (PhD Univ. Bordeaux, November 2015, Dr N. Daro) : Designs rationnel et exploratoire de nanoparticules à transition de spin
  • Arnaud Grosjean (PhD Univ. Bordeaux, December 2013, Dr J.F. Létard) : Matériaux Polymériques 1D à transition de spin : investigations structurales multiéchelles
  • Sabine Lakhloufi (PhD Univ. Grenoble, May 2013, Dr M.H. Lemée-Cailleau) : Investigation du mécanisme de la conversion de spin par diffraction des rayonnements (X, neutrons) : nouvelles approches
  • Frédéric Le Gac (PhD Univ. Bordeaux, December 2008, Dr J.F. Létard) : Matériaux piézo-, thermo-, photo-sensibles : corrélations structure-propriétés
  • José Sanchez-Costa (PhD Univ. Bordeaux, June 2005, Dr J.F. Létard) : Propriétés magnétiques et photomagnétiques d’un complexe macrocyclique à transition de spin
  • Mathieu Marchivie (PhD Univ. Bordeaux, November 2003, Prof. D. Chasseau) : Approche structurale du phénomène de transition de spin par diffraction X

Supervision of 31 Master students in long-term research projects.

Supervision of a tesi specialistica (Laurea in fisica) : Chiara Sinito (2010-2011, Univ. Catania, Prof. S.O. Troja), Cristallografia e termodinamica della disidratazione in composti a transizione di spin.

Supervision of post-doctoral fellows :
Dr Abdellah Kaiba, 2005-2009, Cristallographie de matériaux moléculaires magnétiques
Dr H. Shepherd, 2010-2012, with G. Molnar (CNRS, Toulouse), High-Pressure Spin-Crossover

Member of jury within 22 PhD committees of which 4 as president

Teaching activities

Professional credo in a flash : Unquestionably, teaching is deeply the heart of my professional commitment. Increasing fundamental knowledge, as much as possible, through cutting-edge research work fits into this framework. The crystallography allows to combine pioneering experimental investigations, analyses of innovative solutions for the design of materials of the future, advanced transdisciplinary teaching also flirting with the popularization of science and beauty of matter. A passion "all in one".

Indiscutablement, enseigner est profondément au cœur de mon engagement professionnel. Accroître la connaissance fondamentale, autant que faire se peut, par un travail de recherche de pointe s’inscrit dans ce cadre. La cristallographie permet d’allier investigations expérimentales pionnières, analyses de solutions innovantes pour le design de matériaux du futur, enseignement transdisciplinaire avancé flirtant aussi avec vulgarisation scientifique et beauté de la matière. Une passion "Tout en un".

Around 200 hours / year teaching at University (all levels) in Physics (Condensed Matter / Electromagnetism / Optics / X-rays / Crystallography)

Activities around popular science (conferences, exposition, articles, workshop)

5Relevant publications

  1. E. Tailleur, M. Marchivie, N. Daro, G. Chastanet and P. Guionneau*. Chem. Commun., (2017), 53, 4763-4766. "Thermal spin-crossover with a large hysteresis spanning room temperature in a mononuclear Complex".
  2. S. Lakhloufi, M. H. Lemeé-Cailleau, G. Chastanet, P. Rosa, N. Daro and P. Guionneau*, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., (2016), 18, 28307-28315. "Structural movies of the gradual spin-crossover in a molecular complex at various physical scales"
  3. Philippe Guionneau*, Dalton Trans., (2014), 43, 382-393. "Crystallography and spin-crossover. A view of breathing materials"
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  5. Philippe Guionneau and Eric Collet, Piezo- and photo-crystallography applied to spin-crossover materials, in Spin-Crossover Materials : Properties and Applications (M. A. Halcrow ed.), John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Oxford UK, (2013), Chapter 20, pp 507 -526. doi : 10.1002/9781118519301.ch20