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Group 3. Chemistry and photonic of oxide and fluoride materials


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The group “Chemistry and photonic of oxide and fluoride materials” is part of the Cluster of Excellence LaPhIA (IdEX - University of Bordeaux) :

The group is also involved in various scientific networks such as :

- The GDR "Glass materials"

- The Massive crystals network, micro-nano structure and devices for optics, CMDO + : through its collaboration with the Centre for Resources ICMCB.

- The Fluorine GIS (Group of Scientific Interest) : the network aims to promote activities related to fluorine and fluoride compounds in various fields of chemistry and technologies (energy, electronics, optoelectronics, life sciences, environment)

Transfer Cell : Transfer Cell FLUOM@T

Cellule de transfert FLUOM@T

Inorganic fluoride materials experienced a great interest with the development of nanomaterials in the past ten years. It represents now a very large market in France, Europe and around the world. The lack of French companies specialized in the synthesis and characterization of inorganic fluorides for specific applications (chemistry, optics, electronics) is a real need and a challenge. In this framework the FLUOM@T Cell Transfer aims to provide support to businesses by providing controlled amounts of fluorides.
Research at the laboratory scale should confirm the relevance for the use of fluorinated materials and validate the transfer at a larger semi-industrial scale ("scaling-up") of dedicated fabrication methods and processes.

Examples :

- Materials for fluorine storage : development of synthetic routes and materials for the storage of fluorine.

- Fluorinated materials for ionic and electrical conductivity.

Contact :

- Technical/administrative managers

  • Etienne DURAND : 05-40-00-62-91 /

- Scientific manager

  • Alain Demourgues : 05-40-00-26-55 /
  • Alain Tressaud : 05-40-00-63-01 /